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Station / Ticket

Advertisement : Railway Station Ticket / Station Branding / Train Advertisement...

Bus / Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter & Bus Back Side Flex / Inner (Driver Back) Panel / Side Sticker Advertisement...


Road side hoarding's / Flex banner advertisement, Shop Top

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JP MEDIA is one of the leading Branding awareness promotional scheme development agency. We are in this industry for the past 15 years operating from Gudiyatham - a place in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. We have created a variety of creative designs and hoardings for a wide range of customers in and around Tamilnadu including the major Jewelleries, textiles, sweet shops, FMCG, Medicines, Medias, durable and non durable goods, public information & awareness, tourism, Education and hotels etc..

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Bus Advertisement

Bus Inner and outer Advertisement, Back Pannel, Driver back

Train Adervisement

Train Inside, Out Side, Platform, Ticket Counter, Station Entrance Advertisement

Train Ticket

Railway Reservation Ticket Advertisement (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra)


Road Side, Bus Stop, Bsu Stand, Shop Top, Hoarding Advertisement